” Dear Dr Gaurav Gupta – I don’t have the words to properly express my deep gratitude to you. It’s not just the expertise and professionalism of fixing the “shoulder”, or the mechanics of surgery – which was amazing by the way …it’s much more,  Your leadership clearly directs your team which illustrates patience, comfort and great expertise.”


Software engineer
“Thanks to Dr Nithin Kumar and Joint Clinic, I have had several surgeries over my lifetime and I can honestly say, that I have never been treated with such care and kindness, Thank you for being a wonderful surgeon and all your support you have provided to me through the rehab of my shoulder.”

Vinesh Reddy

Civil Engineer
” I can sleep without shoulder pain. It’s a great feeling. I was seen by Dr. Gaurav Gupta. He was very nice and especially very knowledgeable. I got much good advises from him from what I should take to what exercises I should do to help with my conditions/symptoms. I would definitely recommend Jointclinic to everyone I know, who are in need of any type of orthopedic treatments. “


” Dr Manish Bansal performed extensive surgery on both of my Knee in November and December of 2014. Both operations went extremely well and have made a remarkable difference in my life. The recovery time was much less than expected and while it has taken some time to get flexibility back, I am hugely grateful for his expertise, I would recommend them to anyone. they are a genius! “


House Wife


Thank you

Dr Gaurav