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Latarjet Procedure is a bony surgery to stabilize a shoulder suffering from recurrent dislocations when a large number of repeated dislocations have caused a significant loss of bone in the glenoid (the bony socket of the shoulder) to leave behind a bony defect. There is a bony outgrowth called the Coracoid Process, right next to the shoulder joint, which fits perfectly into this bony defect. In Latarjet Surgery, this Coracoid Process is detached from its parent bone along with some attached muscles and fixed into the glenoid bone defect with screws or plate. This restores the bone loss and the attached muscles form a sling to give extra support to the shoulder against dislocation.

Diagrammatic representation of Latarjet surgery 

iagramatic representation of Latarjet surgery

Diagrammatic representation of Latarjet surgery 

Diagramatic represenation of Latarjet surgery