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Frequently Asked Questions on Arthroscopy ?


Dr Gaurav Gupta
Arthroscopy, Sports Injuries and Joint Replacement specialist

What is arthroscopy?

Minimal access joint surgery. Putting a small camera inside joints and doing repair work under camera control. Just 5 mm puncture holes. It not just gives the diagnosis but helps repair tissues and reconstruct ligaments and muscles

Is it only the knee?

Which joints are scoped?? Most commonly knee and shoulder. But also ankle, elbow, hip and wrist. We are one of the pioneers in hip, ankle, elbow and wrist joint arthroscopy in the country

What conditions are treated by arthroscopic joint surgery?

Joint pains, cartilage problems, ligament injuries, muscle injuries, shoulder dislocations, Sporting injuries

I heard arthroscopy surgery is only meant for sports persons?

Majority of our patients are not sportspersons,….like knee ligament injuries in RTA, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder etc. But we have treated elite sportspersons from WB, UP, Pune, Punjab even Mumbai etc.

How long do you have to stay in the hospital?

Daycare…..up to 48 hours in the hospital. We are the first to perform knee arthroscopy in LA in India

What are the benefits of arthroscopic surgery?

No big cuts, minimal blood loss, high precision repair, short stay, early return to work & play

When can the patient return to work?

Typically 5-7 days to go back to office. Some go earlier

Is a lot of physiotherapy/rehab required?

No. The physiotherapists teach you your exercises. You practice at home

Is it a very costly procedure?

No. Traditionally the procedures like shoulder dislocation, shoulder muscle tears, recalcitrant frozen shoulders, knee ligament injuries, knee cartilage problems, knee meniscus tears were done as open surgeries. Now the same surgery is done with arthroscopic techniques. It adds 5-10% to the cost

Can any general orthopedic surgeon do it?

What are the training opportunities in India?? Where did you acquire this skill?? Tell us something about yourself? Unfortunately, not much structured training exists in India. Hence typically unless someone has had structured training abroad, it is hard to develop the knowledge and skill to perform these procedures to perfection. But this is about to change. We are trying to develop a training program in the country with the help of overseas collaborators. I worked for 1 year in Sweden, 1.5 years in Australia and 2 years in UK before coming back

Where can we find more information on arthroscopy?

You can log and refer website.

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